How Your Body Toxifies and How to Detoxify

Imagine a clock running on your head; when you eat toxic foods, your time passes quickly. When you eat good foods, your time slows down. How does that feel?

I wish we could invent a clock like that; only then will people be concerned about what they eat. When death is near, people become more aware.

Our health begins with a basic understanding of food; we eat not for pleasure, but to provide our bodies with the energy they require.

When you take care of your biological machine, it will take care of you. Your soul has only one vehicle in this world, and if you don’t pay attention, it will break down soon.

Imagine putting the wrong fuel in your car; we do the same thing to our bodies all the time. It may appear to be a minor detail, but when repeated daily, it all adds up.

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from our bodies, the majority of which are caused by cooked food.


Cooked foods pollute the body.

Cooking depletes the water content and life of food. Foods with no natural water content are not fully digested and leave a lot of residue in your body.

Every cooked food contains salt, artificial sugar, and a variety of other flavoring additives.

When you consume these foods, your acidity rises and your body temperature rises. Your body struggles to maintain balance, and your basic metabolic activities begin to suffer.


Consuming raw foods detoxifies your body.

Uncooked foods have a high water content, which aids digestion and allows them to be fully digested. It does not leave any waste in your body.

Raw foods are eaten as they are in nature; they are not cooked, processed, or modified in any way.

When you eat these alkaline foods, you lower your acidity levels. It helps to keep your body temperature stable

Nature’s foods, particularly fruits, are extremely effective at removing toxins from your body.

We contaminate our bodies in numerous ways. Food is a big part of it. There are other external factors as well. Polluted air, water, and the environment also play a role.

What we put into our bodies has a much greater impact than what’s on the outside.

If you don’t change your food and detoxify yourself, your vehicle will break down soon, and guess what? You can’t change it.

Every successful journey begins with a small step; begin your detox journey by replacing your breakfast with fruits. Allow it to grow into a habit. Then proceed to the next one.

It may be difficult to push at first, but once your wheel gets rolling, it will be much easier to maintain. The key is to keep pushing every day.

Let’s be truthful to our bodies first; only then will we be able to travel far.

Prevention is better than cure.




Fruitarian, Environmentalist and Social Entrepreneur. Nature is my God. Food is my Medicine.

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Vignesh Kumar

Vignesh Kumar

Fruitarian, Environmentalist and Social Entrepreneur. Nature is my God. Food is my Medicine.

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